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  • 7,500- 10,000 (peak seasons) copies                                            are distributed each issue. 

  • We have a readership of over 22,000- 33,000 each month (adjusted seasonally).    [Tidbits Media, Inc., Market Research states   3.7 people read each copy of Tidbits]

  • Each issue is published digitally on our website.  Our website offers contests to draw traffic.

  • Our distribution focuses on high traffic areas for both locals and visitors.

  • TIDBiTS distribution is also focused on our advertiser's locations. We offer free racks or display holders that include a "Compliments of" sign at the business location.

If you are a business owner, there is no cost or obligation to have Tidbits distributed

at your place of business.

If you are a reader of Tidbits and cannot find a copy at your favorite business, please ask the management to contact us and we will be happy to distribute 

The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read

 where it is most convenient for you.

Tidbits is  distributed to over 200 locations throughout the Rim of the World ByWay ~  from ​Crestline to Big Bear Lake down to Forest Falls!

We also have key locations off the mountain- at the base of all the major routes to the mountains including;  San Bernardino,  Highland,  Mentone &  Lucerne Valley

​​You can find our little paper in restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, offices, hair salons, mechanics shops, motel & hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, retail stores, and more...

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