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 JUNE 2019:  Winner to be Announced Soon

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HINT: Tommy TIDBiTS is always hidden in the ads!

Fill out the registration form to the right ('Send us an email') and tell us where the 3  'Tommy TIDBiTS' appear in the ads in the paper.  For each issue, we try to offer two gift certificates-

1 for the Lake Arrowhead/Crestline area and 1 for the Big Bear area.

  • In the "Subject" line, be sure to enter the Business Name of where you would like to enjoy your gift certificate. (Some contest dates overlap.)
  • In the "Message" line,  enter the  3 Page #s and Ad titles where the bouncing dots appears.
  •   DEADLINE:  TBD.  Random Drawing- One Winner.
  • Snail Mail Fans: PO Box 5842, Sugarloaf, CA 92386

From the correct entries, a winner must be selected.  Those who win 'i found TOMMY TIDBiTS'/ 'i Found the Bouncing Dot' Contest grant High Mountain TIDBiTS to use their name (first name, last name initial only) for advertising purposes- to post the winners in the next issue.

 We DO NOT store your personal information & 

delete the data after the contest is over.

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